Don’t be surprised if, when you log on to HMRC, it all looks very different. They are currently rolling out personalised tax accounts for individuals and businesses.

For businesses Your Tax Account has been available for most of this year if you signed up for the pilot scheme. All businesses are now being transferred to it. This is basically a front summary sheet showing all your business taxes from which you can click on links that take you to the more familiar individual tax pages. Many will see this as just another layer to click through to get to the information they actually need, but I’m sure the HMRC think they are helping and at least you can see when you have paid a tax to the wrong section.

The Personal Tax Account is a more drastic change for the HMRC. Here individuals who don’t necessarily complete a self-assessment return will be able to review the information HMRC hold. This is only available to an invited few at the moment and we are waiting to see how successful this is. We have been told by HMRC that you will be able to change incorrect information and update your details online. This does help with HMRC waiting times on the telephone helplines.